Company Profile

Business “Jasin” is a business that derives from a tradition dating back to 1968, where it started as a small craft business that worked on light iron construction projects, gradually continuously worked on the development of work done ironwork, where in 1989 it started with the production of equipment for industrial kitchens in a primitive way until the year 2000 where the changing circumstances of doing business have made the development of more professional production and industrial equipment for professional kitchens, where it has been continuously worked on the development of product quality and development of production asortment.

Today, Jasin is one of most successful companies in the sector and region where it operates, with an extended range of bakery production of professional exposed display cabinets and coolers, Stainless Steel refrigerators and desks, and other kitchen appliances for the sector of gastronomy.

Quality Policy

Work with continuous to the development of product quality and work based on the highest professional standards,taking the base of the ISO 9001-2008 management system where it possesses international certification for operation in this system, and it is continuously supported with investment in the newest manufacturing technologies for their jobs,which are supported by ongoing staff training for more professional work in line with global technological developments.The company has quality sevice in customer service by providing additional after-sales services such as Warranty and Secured Servicing for Generally Offered Products.

All of this is done to keep customer satisfied with the products and services that the company offers and meet all the and requirements needs of the customers so that they can operate more easily in customer service.


The company aims to create a well-known and trusted international brand by ranking the best in its sector.


Constant work with social and moral responsibility, always to be among the first in the work that they did, to create social good for owners, partners, co-workers, and for the district where it is operated.